How To Journal: Beginner’s Guide (5 Valuable Tips)

5 min readAug 24, 2020
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“Journaling is paying attention to the inside, for the purpose of living well on the outside”

- Lee Wise

Journaling. Ah. There’s a peace in knowing, one day, your words could be read by millions.

But at the same time, frightening.

In these pages are the words of your soul, whispers that we ourselves are not aware of.

Until they are alive on paper.

The feeling of running your hand over the crisp paper, knowing it’ll hold your deepest secrets.

Paper just waiting for words to fill it up. To have the souls of humans be poured on it, in the formation of words.

It’s a mystical thing. In all honesty, there’s no right way to do it. But sometimes, all we really need is a guide.

And if that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.


A little bit about my journaling history…

I’ve been doing it for about 6 years now.

And I’ll admit, the first 2 years, it was more of a weekly to a bi-monthly basis. Even now I barely have time to journal every day.

Journaling is different for everyone. I personally do it, if something big happened in my life, or a milestone I don't want to forget.

I love going through my old journals, and seeing how much I’ve grown since the last year.

Earlier this week, I looked at journal entries from March 2020 and realized what a different mindset I had back then.

Quarantine has really shaped me into a different person. (Read my post about how quarantine changed us all. )

Journaling is all about growth. Understanding that change can be good for us. Because sometimes it happens when we need it the most.

What do I need?

Journaling seems daunting to many. But all you need is a good writing tool. Pen or pencil. Marker or crayon. Color pencil or sharpie. It’s your journal.




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